World Critical Dietetics Statement in Solidarity

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End Racism – Jobs for ALL – Homes for ALL – Food for ALL 

I’m posting this statement from the WORLD CRITICAL DIETETICS BOARD, with my solidarity and commitment to fighting for fundamental societal change to bring about equal rights and justice.

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World Critical Dietetics (WCD) stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and those standing against racial injustice throughout the United States and the world.

We find ourselves now in the midst of a world-wide cry against the overt racism and xenophobia that has been the over-bearing and hateful message of those in recent power. In response to the recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, and to the murders of countless Black people throughout history, we stand in solidarity with the struggle for life itself against ongoing police brutality and murders. Across the world, the COVID-19 crisis had already lifted the veil off and revealed the systemic racism and class contradictions that allow people of color to become ill and die at alarming and disparate rates. In many communities, it is a form of genocide.

The multinational and international demonstrations we see in the streets in solidarity with Black people are heartening. They serve as the basis for unity in struggle that can propel society forward. We want to be part of this new motion and engage those in our profession, networks and communities to join us. It is the only future for youth, who are now demanding change under the leadership of the most oppressed, the Black community.

WCD recognizes that, as an organization of professionals, scholars and students in health and community care, we hold a responsibility to speak out against the ways that racial injustice torments people of color. As a group that advocates for the right to health, food and education for all, we are examining and redressing our own place in systems and structures that have fed the deep roots of anti-Black racism. We are committed to hearing, honoring and standing in solidarity with the voices of Black communities as they call for an end to racialized violence.

We stand committed to take the following actions:

  1. We will continue to educate ourselves and others about ways that anti-Black racism is perpetuated and create an alliance with leaders of the Black community.
  2. We will seek, listen and learn from members of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities how to address the barriers to inclusion in WCD and the field of dietetics.
  3. We will use our space and resources to create an ongoing platform for BIPOC.
  4. We will create and publish a special issue of the Journal of Critical Dietetics, led by Black students, dietitians and WCD members, that will examine anti-Black racism and call for the dietetics community to work against racism.
  5. We will work with Black, Indigenous and other People of Color to identify the needs and create resources to support dietitians, healthcare providers and researchers in anti-racist work.
  6. We will partner with organizations that represent the voices and interests of Black, Indigenous and People of Color to host our annual WCD conference.
  7. We will advocate for social justice through research, education and practice that addresses social and health inequities

We stand in solidarity with the most oppressed and will fight for a world free from racial violence, human suffering and exploitation, where equal access to life is valued for all.

Yuka Asada
Meredith Bessey
Jennifer Brady
Andrea Kirkham
Julie Rochefort
Christin Seher
Jill White




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